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I didn't think Cortibalm could fix my lips in 24 hours, but it did and it will fix yours too!

The Reviews Are In: Dr. Dan's Beats the Competition Hands Down

Dermatologist created and safe for all ages, Dr. Dan's products will fix your skin in no time. But don't just take our word for it.

Can a Lip Balm Save Your Life?

CortiBalmAbout three and a half years ago, I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and just about died. The corners of my mouth were crusted over with something that looked a lot like fuzzy brown sugar. I washed my face and went to the office. Within hours, I had problems with my lips as well. When I smiled or laughed -- which I am prone to do -- vertical tears would split my lips top to bottom. And when I would yawn, the corners of my mouth would rip. This didn't happen over time; it happened overnight.

I spent the next 18 months going to a local dermatologist here in the Tulsa area who not only has a great reputation, but also is someone whom I have known since childhood. By the time I decided I could never trust him again, he had misdiagnosed me, put me on 12 rounds of oral steroids in 18 months, given me more than 90 prescriptions totalling more than $2500 and passed me around like a petri dish. In the following year, two other dermatologists followed in his wake and wanted to do more of the same. At this time, I was out of pocket more than $3500 with no permanent results. All I wanted was a diagnostition, not a prescription writer. I was desperate.

Man or woman, I know everyone wants to look their best. I didn't anymore. I wasn't even presentable and makeup would just make it worse. Even strangers would ask me what was wrong with my mouth. Furthermore, it was painful. And, I was bloated and round-faced from the constant barrage of steroids. I went from being a beautiful, confident advertising executive to a shut-in who wouldn't look in the mirror. I had lost my smile.

One year ago, my dad asked me to see his dermatologist, Bernard Robinowitz, MD here in Tulsa. As I was no longer working, he said he would pick up the tab if I would just screw up the courage and go outside. So, I went. And Dr. Robinowitz did something that changed my life. He gave me samples of Dr. Dan's CortiBalm and told me to use them as needed. That was a Monday. By Thursday, I knew something big was happening: the vertical fissures were almost healed and the corners of my mouth had quit splitting when I yawned. And by Saturday, everything that had dogged my life for so long was just gone. My mouth was whole again. To think that I wasted over $3500 out of pocket and was saved by a $3 tube of Dr. Dan's CortiBalm. I have been symptom-free for 12 months now thanks to this incredible lip balm.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I credit this "magic, healing stick" with saving me. My family knows it. My friends know it. Any stranger who happens to bump into me learns about it. I keep Dr. Dan's in each handbag, in my car, by my bed and spares in my bathroom at all times -- without fail. If you want your life and sense of self back, try it. It doesn't cost anymore than any of the dozens of other products that I know you have already wasted your time and money on. Just try it once, and like me, you will get your smile back too.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Holmes
Tulsa, OK

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This is absolutely the best lip balm I have ever tried and the only one I will use from now on. Fantastic stuff...

Sarah 04/04/2017

Works great on my excema. the chap stick has a nasty taste though no kisses with that on...

beth 05/10/2016

My lip had been cracked for about 3 weeks and nothing helped! After 3 days with this product it was healed. This stuff is amazing like omg. ..

Makayla 03/31/2016

This is literally the most amazing lip balm ever. I started Accutane about 2 weeks ago and my lips were terrible. I tried Aquaphor lip treatment, Neosporin, chapstick, etc. and within 3 minutes of application it soaked in completely and was like I never put anything on. I just received Dr. Dan's lip balm last night and within 5 hours of putting it on my lips were 75% better. I applied it again before bed last night and today my lips are almost completely back to normal. No cracking, no pain. I wish dermatologists would tell all of their patients about this. I can't speak more highly about this product!..

Holly 01/25/2016

I AM OBSESSED with this stuff. I am currently an accutane patient and was suffering from dry lips. I got my first sample from my dermatologist and fell in love. IT IS SO THICK and you only have to reapply 2- 3 times a day. It makes your lips so most it is impossible for them to crack. with out this, i would not survive accutane! My lips feel and look completely normal! I never by just a single pack, i always by in packs of 3 because i never ever want to run out. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING BUT DR.DANS! xxoo..

Tara Spring 01/04/2016

ATTENTION TO THOSE WITH SEEMING UNCUREABLE CHAPPED LIPS. Look no further! I have been through countless types of lip balms that claim things like "8 hour moisture" and "hydration lock" that did not work at all. One google search away and I found this product and it works like a miracle! After the first couple hours of using it my lips were finally not chapped. As a user of Acutane, my case was very severe and it looked terrible, but now the problem ceases to exist. The only downside is that it doesn't have all that great of a taste (but what medication does), however that can be fixed by applying a more pleasant lip balm if you're going out on a date or something. All in all this product is incredible and I would highly recommend getting some (if you don't wanna order online, like me, just go to your Rite Aid or Walgreens and ask them and they'll order it, it'll be in in less than a day). Thanks Dr. Dan!..

James Tuck 12/16/2015

I had been going to a dermatologist for years about my lips--petroleum jelly is what was prescribed, but I had tried so many lips balms. It took 15 years of frustration for me to finally decide to google my condition, not just for "chapped lips", but "severely chapped lips". There I found what should have been my diagnosis--actinic chelitis. I have had sun damage since when I was a teen. Oh, and did I mention that my ex was an Oral Surgeon!! I have since had laser surgery on my bottom lip(didn't work--crustier lips for two weeks and painful). Cortibalm is the only lip balm that actually works. I order two or three at my pharmacy. ..

Gwen Heathman 08/28/2015

“Thanks Dr. Dan! Your Sunstick is pretty amazing.” I found it on your website, and as soon as I tried it I knew it was the sun screen I was looking for. I have fair, sensitive, skin that burns quickly, and I am out in the sun almost daily. I was drawn to your Sunstick because it is hypoallergenic with no harmful chemicals. It has not only proven to give me the sun burn protection I need but without any type of skin irritation. Thanks again Dr. Dan for designing this product for people like me...

Debbie 07/03/2015

I love, love. love Dr. Dan’s SunStick. As a redhead I burn really easy with any sunscreen lotion out on the market with Dr. Dan’s SunStick I can apply twice for all day protection even between the hours of 10-2 without getting burnt. It has been an awesome and painfree summer so far. It is easy to carry in a pocket, doesn’t melt or get gooey and isn’t greasy to apply. It is easy to apply to face, ears and neck. Also, it protects your lips as well. The other great thing is there is no awful taste or smell like all other sunscreen products out there. Safe for kids as well, my 7 year old loves how easy it is to apply and does it herself. Thanks Dr. Dan’s for another great product! If you burn at all or need to protect your skin from the sun order Dr. Dan’s SunStick I recommend it to all my family and friends you won’t be disappointed. Don’t be scared by the size of tube because it goes a long way. It is not like your conventional bottles of sunscreen on the market...

Angel 07/03/2015

Dr. Dan’s SunStick is an essential for my household. Effective enough to use when fishing or hunting; however, gentle and safe enough for my 4 year old. Raising a toddler can be a challenge for any parent. Applying sunscreen to a toddler especially in lotion form is much like trying to wrestle a greased pig or tackling an octopus. I am happy to say that with Dr. Dan’s Sunstick my 4 year old has enough patience for me to apply it (because it doesn’t take as long) and she also likes to do it herself. The stick formula makes it fun – we draw smiley faces and dots on her then rub them in. It is easy to make a game out of it so it is no longer a chore. The other fantastic thing about Dr. Dan’s is because it is so effective I do not have to apply it as often. Normal play in the yard all day requires about 2 applications for a 9 hour day and if she is swimming then I try to reapply every 2 hours. And speaking of swimming, Dr. Dan’s is also effective when applying to wet or damp skin. I do not have the missed spots or smears I would have with many other sunscreens I have used in the past. And the last thing I find handy about Dr. Dan’s is the portability. The product is small, light weight, and doesn’t melt or get to hot when it has been in the car during hot summer days. The small stick last a very LONG time too. Happy Mom of a four year old busy body in Indiana...

Tammy 07/03/2015

I would like to thank you for making such a great product. My husband burns really bad when he is in the sun for very long. He has really light skin. We put the Dr Dan’s SunStick on and were in the sun for 4 hrs and he did not burn at all. Thanks again for a really great product...

Sharon 07/03/2015

Once again Dr. Dan has out done himself with a New SPF 30 Sun Stick. I love it ! The fact that I can reapply it in water makes it great for my kids and nieces and nephews, so I don’t have to keep getting them in an out of the water to reapply, With the SPF lotion I would have to apply it 4to 5 times a day to get what the SunStick does after applying it 2 times a day. What I love about that is, there is no harsh chemicals and no PABA. It was created by a dermatologist so you know it’s very safe for the whole family to use on their entire body and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin and no white mess either. Well all I can say Dr. Dan Thanks for another Great product...

Chrystal 07/03/2015

I have a 4 year old that used to hate when I tried to apply any sun block on him. With the sun stick I can make a couple quick passes, quickly rub it and he is off and running. He doesn't feel all greasy and I know he stays protected. Thanks Dr. Dan!!!..

Ashly Bowers 07/02/2015

Dr. Dan's SunStick is the best sun block I have used. I truly could not believe how long it lasted and how effective it is. Another great product...

Charles Ragen 07/02/2015

I would like to take the time to say that Dr.Dan's sunscreen is absolutely amazing. It doesn't leave your skin greese nor does it have an sent. I rave about his product after he gave me a sample at Bass Fest in Paris, TN. There is no product out there like this one. Love love love it!!! ..

Savannah 06/08/2015

I have had eczema all my life and my lips were always dry cracked and blistered.... My dermatologist recommended Dr. Dan's lip balm and it has been a miracle product for me. My lips never are chapped now even when I am snowboarding on a snowy day or at the beach for day's. I thank you , my lips thank you. I am excited to try the lotion for the first time and see how it works for the rest of my skin...

Lisa 05/14/2015

This is the BEST lip balm ever! I started Accutane and by the 2nd week, my lips were incredibly dried out and peeling. Every time I opened my mouth, I was in immense pain and it started bleeding. I saw the reviews online and got next day shipping on this. Right away when I put it on, it had instant relief. Within 24 hours of putting it on frequently, I never had to lick my lips and the peeling stop. I scrubbed the dry skin off around my lips and now they look normal. Best lip balm, highly recommend. ..

Andrew 04/28/2015

I have had dry lips for years addicted to Carmex from the age of 14 stopped using that because of the addiction factor...and a few months ago i was having dry patches and wasn't sure what was happening.. My family has a history of eczema and I figured that maybe this was my issue, purchased the product and after 2 days i have no dry lips... this is a great product I just had to leave a review.....

shelly 03/06/2015

The best lotion for chapped and dry skin! No burning, no stinging, and plenty of moisture...

Coleen Fleming 12/02/2014

Dr. Dan's Cortibalm has been a LIFESAVER! I've always had pretty chapped lips but once I started taking Accutane it got extremely worse. It was so bad I was putting lip balm on every 15 minutes and still was in pain from dry, chapped, cracked lips. My dermatologist recommended Dr. Dan's to me and there has been no turning back since! I only have to put it on every couple of hours and my lips have not hurt or cracked once since I began using it. Family and friends that do not have even near the problems I do with dry lips even have begun using Dr. Dan's. I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!..

Brandi Boever 11/22/2014

I work for a dermatologist. We swear by Dr. Dan's. Especially good for those on accutane...

COLLEEN 11/22/2014

My coworker had a bug bite on her arm, it started itching, so I put Dr. Dan’s Anti Itch on the bug bite to see how it would work . After 2 hours the bug bite on her arm was just barely red and the swelling was down tremendously, and took the itching total away. So we watched it for a total of 4 hours and we went back to look her arm, and we could not see where the bug bite had been . It healed her arm in a matter of hours. I will continue to use this product on myself and my family and I highly recommend this product. This is another great product that Dr. Dan has made. ..

Chrystal Meador 09/25/2014

I use the SPF 30 on my lips year round because I am outside so much. One day I forgot to bring sunscreen lotion for my ears, face, and shoulders. I remembered that I had SPF 30 lip balm in my purse so I thought I would give it a try. I was already perspiring from being outside so I was worried it was going to be messy. I took the lip balm and colored over my skin on my arms, face, and ears and then rubbed it in. It actually rubbed in much better than a lotion and gave me better protection. I was very impressed with this product and would be very excited to see a product like this marketed for the entire body. I love that I can use this for my lips and body and it is compact and not bulky. ..

Lindsey B. 09/25/2014

My coworker had a bug bite on her arm, it started itching, so I put Dr. Dan’s Anti Itch on the bug bite to see how it would work . After 2 hours the bug bite on her arm was just barely red and the swelling was down tremendously, and took the itching total away. So we watched it for a total of 4 hours and we went back to look her arm, and we could not see where the bug bite had been . It healed her arm in a matter of hours. I will continue to use this product on myself and my family and I highly recommend this product. This is another great product that Dr. Dan has made. ..

Chrystal Meador 09/25/2014

When I get a bug bite it will swell and get very irritated. The bite would stay there for as long as a week. Now when I get a bug bite i just apply my Ant-Itch stick and immediately the itch stops and the swelling starts going down. The bug bite will go away in a day or 2. Dr Dan's Anti-Itch is a great product..

Sharon Wheeler 09/25/2014

I am outdoors all of the time, whether it be yard work, softball or just sitting around a camp fire in the evening. Of course, the mosquitoes are right there with me making each event less enjoyable. Recently one evening, a friend of mine had a tube of your Anti-itch, and I tried it. I loved the cool feeling of the menthol, and it was very effective for the itching and redness of a bite. I keep a tube in the pocket of my jeans all the time now. It's great for kids too! ..

Sue Frazier 09/25/2014

I would like to say a few things about Dr. Dan’s Sun Block Chemical Free SPF30, It has no harsh chemicals, or no PABA either. I like that it last for hours on my lips and it is very light on my lips. It also has a creamy feel to it also. It’s a product I can trust to use on my kids and family I highly recommend this product to any one out there that is out in the sun a lot. For my family and I love this product and will continue to use for many springs and summers to come. I like it even if you carry it in your pocket or in a hot vehicle it will not melt it stays solid. Thanks again for a great product that the whole family can use. Chrystal ..

Dr Dan's SPF 30 is a life saver for me. I had cancer above my lip a few years ago. The doctor recommended that i use a SPF on my lips. So in my search for SPF I found plenty. But none that I liked. They would turn my lips completely white and have a terrible odor to them. But when I found Dr Dan's SPF 30 it was nothing like the others. It only puts a slight tint to my lips and no ordor. It's great I recommend it to everyone...

Kay 09/25/2014

I am not an avid user of skincare products; however, while on vacation with friends in Cumberland, TN. I got bit by a bug. It began to itch and I had a small bump. I immediately put on the Anti-itch stick. Within seconds the bite did not itch and within an hour you could not even tell there was a bug bite. This stuff is AMAZING!..

Tammy 09/25/2014

My 5 year old always gets bug bites when she plays out in the yard. By morning the bites are usually scabbed over due to her constant scratching. Yesterday after she came in she had 4 pretty good bites, so I applied the Anti-Itch and I was blown away. She did not even complain after a couple minutes and when she woke up this morning I could not even tell where she had been bitten. You have a customer for life, thank you...

Amiee B 09/19/2014

Hands down it is the best product I have tried. Amazing. I will never worry about bug bites again...

Sandra 09/19/2014

Besides CortiBalm I have never used a product that worked so well. I will always keep the Anti-Itch stick with me while enjoying the outdoors. I seem to be the one that always gets bit, but now I won't even care if I get bit, because I know as soon as I apply the anti-itch I wont even know I was ever bit. I can't wait to try the SPF...

Tina R 09/19/2014

This is a fantastic product. I am very sensitive to mesquite bites and if I get bit it usually means I get to enjoy a painful lump for the next couple days. I could not believe how quickly it worked. I had no irritation after the bite (Took about 3 minutes to go away completely) and I was floored by the fact I did not even get the swelling I have always had to deal with. With your Anti-Itch I can finally enjoy my time outside. Keep up the good work...

Steven 09/19/2014

Dr. Dan THANK YOU!!! Every year I take my family camping during the Labor Day weekend and every year all the way home we complain about bug bites. NOT THIS YEAR!! We still got bit up, but your Anti-Itch stick took the irritation and inflammation away almost instantly. My whole family loved it and we have daughters 15, 11, and 3 and it worked for all of them. This is a must have for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. I am telling all my family and friends about this product. Thank you again and well done...

MattP 09/19/2014

Dr Dan's Cortibalm is amazing! Recently experienced a bad reaction to a competitors lip balm which resulted in extremely dry, painful lips. In my research for a cure, I came across Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. I called the company, spoke with Tammy and through her work with a local pharmacy, I had a tube of Dr. Dan's Cortibalm in my hands the next day. Within two days of using the Cortibalm, my lips were soft and pain free. Thank you Tammy....your product is the only lip balm I will ever use now!..

Terrie 09/02/2014

This right here = gold. I'm on Accutane and my lips would have peeled off months ago if it wasn't for this. Even when I'm done with Accutane, this is going to be the only lip treatment I'll ever use, or need. Hats off, Dr. Dan...

Jordan 08/13/2014

This is my miracle cure! I have been using this since 2008--everyday! As an accutane user, my dermatologist gave me samples and this is all I use even to this day. I would print out a flyer explaining Dr. Dan's CortiBalm and take it to my pharmacist. She would order me anywhere from 3-5 tubes at a time because I did not want to run out. And she has done that several times since 2008. So now that I am down to my last tube, I see that I can buy it for myself and I'm going to try the lotion also. I can not express how thankful I am that I found this particular product. I will NEVER use another lip therapy if I can get my Dr. Dan's CortiBalm. Definitely 2 thumbs up! Thank you Dr. Dan!..

Jennifer 07/14/2014

This is EXACTLY what I needed! It's a one-of-a-kind lip balm. It heals severely chapped/dry lips and heals lips plagued with allergies to other lip products. My lips had become dark and really bad-looking due to either an allergy or just dryness and irritation. I get this problem frequently. This lip balm actually HEALED my lips and made them pink again. I haven't seen my lips this pink in a LONG time. It's also extremely long lasting. I used to apply lip balm at least 3 times an hour. With Cortibalm, I apply probably 4 times a DAY! It's just awesome. This is the product I've been looking for for years. Keep in mind this contains a corticosteroid, so sadly it's not something that should be used everyday. I use it more like a supplement or when my lips really need it. Ingredients: hydrocortisone 1%, petroleum jelly, beeswax, mineral oil...

priyaj 05/13/2014

So glad I finally decided to try this. I work in a pharmacy and a lot of our patients on Accutane would order this lip balm to help with their severely dry lips. Recently my lips have gotten really dry and chapped. I needed to constantly put something on them or they would be peeling and cracking within hours. I read that if both your lips are constantly chapped it can be a sign of an allergy so I cut out products trying to determine what I was allergic to. It even got to the point where I was using strawberry Tom's of Maine toothpaste (tastes soooo gross) thinking it was something in my toothpaste. Nothing worked so I finally decided to give this stuff a try and I'm so glad I did. Almost immediately my lips felt better. I can apply it only 3 times a day (I used to apply hourly) and my lips stay soft. I can still feel the moisture hours later. One caveat is that it does taste kind of nasty if you get it in your mouth- but I won't take a star off because it is so amazing otherwise...

emmyboop 05/13/2014

I have always had chapped lips, and most any lip balm would do as far as giving me some relief. I moved from FL to CO a couple years ago and that first winter was so harsh on my lips. NOTHING helped relieve how dry, chapped, cracked, irritated and itchy my lips were. I tried every lip balm/treatment available, including lanolin, bag balm and plain old vaseline to no avail. I came across reviews for Dr. Dan's and ordered it immediately at my local Walgreen's. It costs about $4 a tube. It came in the very next day and I got quick relief. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell, but it fades quickly. It does contain hydrocortisone, so I only use it until my lips are better and then go back to another moisturizing lip balm to maintain my lips. If my lips start getting really dry, I reach for this and use it a few days in a row and all is well again. I always keep a few of these on hand and use them on my kids' lips too when they get uber dry. Would repurchase and highly recommend...

TLord 05/13/2014

I give this to all of my patients who are on Accutane, it helps immensely with the inflamed and chapped lips!..

SarahDermPA 05/13/2014

Best. Lip. Balm. Ever. It pains me that I can't walk into my local Target and find Cortibalm. I wish I didn't have to mail order it always, but this stuff is worth it! Once you use it, you can never go back to Chapstick. It literally resurfaces your lips. And it's never greasy...

minc 05/13/2014

This is the absolute BEST lip balm I have ever tried, and I've tried them all. It does what it says. I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works for my dry lips. If you visit their website and send a self addressed stamped envelope they will send you a sample to try. Excerpt from their website. "Dr. Daniel Viders is a board certified dermatologist in Central Massachusetts. After treating literally thousands of patients with mild to severe chapped lips, he developed the only truly hypoallergenic lip balm with 1% hydrocortisone - CortiBalm™. This lip balm is perfect for acne and psoriasis patients currently taking Accutane, Amnesteen or Soriatane. It is also great for chapped or irritated lips caused by exposure to the sun, wind, cold weather or a reaction from cosmetics." Please give it a try if you have dry lips, you won't be disappointed. You can't find it just anywhere but if you take the info to your pharmacy they can order it for you...

mrose6 05/13/2014

This product works wonderfully on chapped lips!..

Maria 05/13/2014

I suddenly found my lips to be very dry/chapped. They would even peel during parts of the day. They were chapped above & below the lip line. This came on suddenly and with no real reason. I tried every lip product they made. I somehow found Dr Dans CortiBalm through on online ordering site. It seemed expensive but the reviews sounded just like my I tried it. I used it the moment I opened the package. This may seem unbelievable but by the end of that 1st day, my lips were already looking almost normal & by the 2nd day they were completely healed. I keep one in my purse, by my nightstand & at my desk. My only negative remark is the flavor/scent, its not very good but who cares, this stuff does the job and is worth every cent...

Michele T 05/13/2014

This lip balm is truly a miracle for me!!! I suffered from eczema and dry lips that constantly itches, peels and burns! I may have one good day in a long while, where my lips are well-behaved, but as soon as I dared put on any lipstick or get foundation near my lips, I would pay penance with a major breakout. If you can name a brand or product, I can tell you that I've already tried it! My situation was so bad, I wouldn't leave the house without some sort of a lip balm for fear of my lips throwing a tantrum. Then I discovered Dr. Dan's CortiBalm and my life changed. My lips are still recovering with scarring from previous breakouts, but they are 1000% better. I now can wear lipsticks on a daily basis, with my lips never feeling dry. I have not had a breakout since I've started using this product. My lips are also looking healthier and (hope I am not imagining this) plumper! They have a healthy pinkish tint to them, the like of which I have not seen since I was a teenager! ..

PostalPat 05/13/2014

It's definitely on the expensive side and I have to order it online but it works! It just does an incredibly good job of protecting your lips (and believe me I've tried everything). Chapped or cracked lips are a thing of the past for me. There is no real flavor to it...

jhnself 05/13/2014

I'm not on Accutane, but this is great for those like me with chronically dry lips, especially in winter. The cortisone in it is very soothing and helps to heal your lips when they are so dry that they are peeling and sore. I don't use this every day, though--it has no SPF. Only at night, when needed...

rainshine 05/13/2014

This is truly a miracle product for me! I have eczema and peeling above and directly on my lips. It's extremely miserable and my lips constantly burn or swell and the only thing I've found to work on them is Cortibalm! I have about 4 tubes of this stuff because it's the only lip balm I can use. Unfortunately, I still have problems with eczema on my lips but this product really takes away the itch and I don't have as many issues as long as I use this diligently. Besides being great for eczema, this product is a great general lip balm as well. It can be hard to get in stores so you have to order it online for the most part. However, all pharmacies will order the product for you if you tell them the name, or go online to the Dr. Dan's CortiBalm website and print out a form to give to a pharmacist so they can order it for you. I've done it before and it comes in a couple days and you don't have to pay for shipping :)..

Andrea428 05/13/2014

I use this in the winter time when my lips get really chapped because it works wonders!..

Kikikins625 05/13/2014

I found this stuff several months ago when trying to find a remedy for little bumps that had developed on my lip. At the time I thought it was some kind of reaction to another lip balm, but I'd tried changing products and nothing helped until I started using this. After it ran out I thought I wouldn't need it anymore, but the little bumps came back within a few days. After doing some more reading I think it's caused by dryness from a topical skin product I'm using, so I bought more and the bumps are again gone! Doesn't taste or smell medicinal, and if I use this morning and night, I can safely use other normal lip products in addition. I won't run out again!..

Alanna 05/13/2014

I purchased this product after hearing about all of the rave reviews and after suffering from chronic chapped lips. My lips had began to peel, bleed and itch around the lip line and my lips were constantly dry. I am not sure what caused my condition but nothing else was working to heal them. I had tried all kinds of lip treatments and balms to no avail. Not being able to find the product anywhere, I ordered it through my local pharmacy. As soon as it arrived, I applied it. I was totally blown away by the immediate results. My lips were instantly hydrated and the peeling stopped. I left it on overnight and in the morning, my lips were totally healed! As one of the other reviewers stated, the healthy pink color of my lips returned. My lips are now soft, hydrated and SEXY looking. Ladies if you have problems with chapped dry lips, please give Cortibalm a try. It's worth every penny. With a money back guarantee, you can't beat it!..

bunnyb 05/13/2014

I have literally used every lip balm and chapstick on the planet and have never found anything that even comes close to this stuff! My dermatologist recommended it to me and it works like a charm. This healed my lips in 3 days flat. Once in the morning and once at night is all you need... I of course use it constantly because I love it so much!!..

Mindys4 05/13/2014

Dr. Dan's Hand & Body lotion helps keep my dry hands in the winter soft. A little lotion can go a long way...

R. Brown 04/30/2014

Dr. Dan’s SunBlock is great 1) because it works. Being a redhead the sun loves me and my lips stay not burnt with this product. 2) I love that it does not smell or taste like sunscreen like so many others lip balms with sunscreen. Once again another great product from Dr. Dan’s...

R. Brown 04/30/2014

I just wanted to compliment you on Dr. Dan’s sun block lipbalm. I want to protect my lips but I don’t want to walk around with a sticky white film all over them. Most products with sun block always have a film and are very sticky when applied. This product goes on almost clear and smooth. I don’t feel like everyone is looking at my lips when I wear it...

J.D. 04/30/2014

I love the new anti-itch stick that I bought from your company. My family and I live on a farm in Indiana and my kids are always coming in from playing in the woods and tall weeds with bug bites all over them. I just swipe the stick over the bite and within minutes the itch and puffy redness are gone. This stuff is great!!! Thanks so much!!!..

J.D. 04/30/2014

The new hand lotion from Dr. Dan’s works great. I am outside working all the time and will get really dry hands that will crack and peel. I will put Dr. Dan’s Lotion on before bed. When I get up in the morning my hands look and feel so much better. This is a great product...

Steven T. 04/30/2014

I love Dr. Dan’s Natural lip balm and Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm. I use both products often but I really like the natural for daily use. I have very dry lips and must use something on them everyday. That’s why I really like the Natural lip balm because it feels very light on your lips. It works great without the sticky feeling you get from most product for the lips...

Dawn U. 04/30/2014

I am writing today to let you know that I think you have great products. I use the Dr Dan’s Natural Lipbalm on a daily basis. It goes on light and works great. I have a lot of allergies and this seems to work really well with it’s simple ingredients. Thanks for the great lipbalm...

Kay 04/30/2014

Just wanted to let you I think the Anti-Itch stick is great. I had been bit several times by something. The area was very irritated and swollen, it would not stop itching. I put your anti-itch stick on and the itching stopped right away and the swelling began going down. By the next day the bug bite was gone...

Kay Miller 04/30/2014

I have been a customer for 6 years now. I will NEVER use any other lip balm. I use Dr. Dan's ever morning after I shower and whenever I need it. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE and in fact i already have! ..

Amanda Stanley 04/11/2014

After years of trying so many lip balm on the market, this one did the trick for my dry peeling lips. My dermatologist gave me a sample and I can't tell you how glad I am he did. Thank you for this wonderful product. I just ordered the hand lotion and natural lip balm too. Best of luck with your company...

Brenda H 03/14/2014

I have had a painful crack on my lip for over a year. My dermatologist gave me a sample of your product to try and I am amazed, that was the first night that I did not wake up because of the pain. Thank you...

Beverly 03/14/2014

I have been taking accutane for 3 months and my lips were so chapped that they would bleed. The corners of my mouth would hurt nonstop and were just purely cracked. I tried EVERY chapstick on the market and nothing work. I came across CortiBalm and literally within 3 days my lips were COMPLETELY normal again. Do yourself a favor and order this NOW. ..

Mike R. 02/15/2014

I received two samples from my dermatologist office a few days ago and I LOVE this stuff already. My lips have been cracked bad from the weather and possibly accutane, but this stuff took that away in a matter of hours. I will continue to use this until it no longer works for me. ..

Tiera 02/11/2014

I started using Dr. Dan's Cortibalm about 1-1/2 years ago at the advice of my dermatologist's office nurse. I had been using Blistex medicated lip balm for my severely chapped lips overnight and by morning, I had red, burning and bleeding, lips that looked like I had gotten Botox injections. When I went to my dermatologist for another skin issue, the next day, I asked what I could do about my lips and the nurse gave me some samples of the Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. Within 36-48 hours, my lips were completely healed! I started buying a tube for everyone in my family and we no longer use any other brand of lip balm. Better to spend a little more on something that works than less on something that keeps your lips chapped. I'm a daycare provider and have recommended it to all of my families I provide care. I just wish I could get the hand and body lotion through my local pharmacy now. ..

Jennifer 01/31/2014

I don't have any pictures but I have received both the lotion and the lip balm. I absolutely love them both! My lips are constantly dry, cracked, and painful. With the lip balm they are instantly relieved and hydrated. I don't use any other lip balm anymore because of how amazing this lip balm is. My hands have also recently been red, dry and painful. They have so sometimes become extremely itchy. The extreme cold weather is probably to blame. After just one application I can already notice a major difference in how my skin feels and they are no longer red and itchy. Thank you so much for making amazing products!..

Marlaina Reeves 01/26/2014

I don't have any pictures but I have received both the lotion and the lip balm. I absolutely love them both! My lips are constantly dry, cracked, and painful. With the lip balm they are instantly relieved and hydrated. I don't use any other lip balm anymore because of how amazing this lip balm is. My hands have also recently been red, dry and painful. They have so sometimes become extremely itchy. The extreme cold weather is probably to blame. After just one application I can already notice a major difference in how my skin feels and they are no longer red and itchy. Thank you so much for making amazing products!..

Marlaina Reeves 01/26/2014

I started Accutane two months ago and I've had dry and peeling skin on lips since day 1.I have to apply chaptick at least 40 times a day. Its embarrassing and I've tried everything from EOS to Burts Bees. They works for a few days or so but then it feels like my lips are adjusting to the chapstick and go back to being dry and cracked. I just got Cortibalm a few hours and ago and already I have only had to put it on once. I already LOVE Cortibalm. Thanks, Dr. Dan!..

Alyssa 01/22/2014

Dr. Dan's CortiBalm is wonderful and is all I use for my chronically dry, itchy lips. I think it works because of the cortisone and because of what the base does NOT contain, namely, common irritants such as peppermint, camphor, phenol, citrus essential oils. I've seen ingredient lists for many balms that begin with beneficial ingredients but then ruin the formula by the addition of peppermint or orange essential oil. Dr. Dan's base ingredients are some of the most benign ingredients around and have very low potential to irritate skin. It's easy to find lip balms made without irritating ingredients (homemade-item websites) but not easy to find any with cortisone, which is essential. The cortisone calms the itching and inflammation and the soothing base ingredients moisturize and heal. I always order the 3-pack and never let myself run out. I highly, absolutely recommend Dr. Dan's CortiBalm...

About one year ago my dermatologist gave me a tube of your lip balm to try because I have been on Aclovate, a cortisone-type prescription, for as long as I could remember (maybe 15 years, or so). My lips are very sensitive to everything from make-up products to toothpaste, etc. Over the years, I have tried everything under the sun and spent lots of money doing so and the sad part was that nothing worked, until I tried your lip balm. I must tell you that I absolutely love it.... I no longer have to use a prescription and my lips feel great. If anyone has any doubts they need to use it for just one week and they will be hooked, too. I recently ordered a bunch of them because I can't live without it and I also can't find them anywhere in Connecticut. I hope that someday I will be able to walk into a local store and see them on a shelf. I know if it becomes available locally, people will try it and everyone will love it, just like I do. Thanks so much!..

Josh 01/03/2014

I think the lip balm was great! It had no taste which is good. It really made my lips soft and smooth. Also, it made them stay smooth for a long time, longer than everything else I used. Thanks!!..

M.R. 11/30/2013

Just wanted to let you know I received your lip balm two days ago and I cannot believe the relief it has provided me. My lips were very chapped and peeling from taking Accutane. They are now soft and smooth, basically back to normal. I am so grateful to Dr. Dan for producing such an effective product. You know I tried almost every other lip balm on the market, including straight vitamin E, and none of these products consistently kept my lips smooth and protected. In fact, I believe some of the other lip balms actually further dried out my lips. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your product so early in my Accutane therapy (I have 5 more months to go). I will definitely tell my dermatologist about Dr. Dan's CortiBalm and hope she recommends it to other patients suffering with the negative side effects of Accutane. I really cannot thank you enough. It's really great to find a skin care product that actually works and makes your life simpler. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!..

K.W. 11/30/2013

I am a nurse in a large hospital in Atlanta. I get Botox for Cervical Dystonia every three months and my lips get chapped and turn beet red. Your product is wonderful. I asked every doctor in the hospital what should I do and I finally ran into one who told me about your lip balm. Thank you again!..

W.S. 11/30/2013

About one year ago my dermatologist gave me a tube of your lip balm to try because I have been on Aclovate, a cortisone-type prescription, for as long as I could remember (maybe 15 years, or so). My lips are very sensitive to everything from make-up products to toothpaste, etc. Over the years, I have tried everything under the sun and spent lots of money doing so and the sad part was that nothing worked, until I tried your lip balm. I must tell you that I absolutely love it.... I no longer have to use a prescription and my lips feel great. If anyone has any doubts they need to use it for just one week and they will be hooked, too. I recently ordered a bunch of them because I can't live without it and I also can't find them anywhere in Connecticut. I hope that someday I will be able to walk into a local store and see them on a shelf. I know if it becomes available locally, people will try it and everyone will love it, just like I do. Thanks so much!..

L.I. 11/30/2013

My doctor is treating my acne with Accutane, which severely dried my lips to the point of peeling and cracking. I tried medicated chapstick, but it wasn't very effective. Then, I tried Dr. Dan's medicated lip balm, and within a few minutes my lips were feeling much better. As long as I apply his lip balm occasionally throughout the day, my lips are fine. No more cracking or peeling. If it works this good on my severe lips, imagine what it will do for ordinary dry lips! Dr. Dan has created a wonderful lip balm. ..

R.R. 11/30/2013

I am writing this to tell you that your Dr. Dan's is by far the best stuff I have ever used. I took Accutane for about 6 months and had extremely chapped lips which have gotten better after discontinuing Accutane. However, it still has been an annoying problem and seemed to flare up every once in a while. Chapstick, Blistex and all the other junk that is sold over the counter doesn't work. Even cortisone ointment and other prescription medications I have taken to stop the irritation don't seem to be as good. Nice work and a job well done!..

K.R. 11/30/2013

I just want to write and tell you Thank You! I love your lip balm! I am on my last week of my Accutane treatment (yeah!). I have been very lucky in that the only symptom I have experienced is chapped and dry lips. At the beginning of the treatment I used Aquafor. This worked well at hydrating my lips, but was greasy and messy; I soon switched to Vaseline (in a tube). This appeared to work okay, but I found I had to apply it very often and in large amounts to make a difference. A couple of months ago, I ordered your lip balm. It has been wonderful! It truly is very, very soothing. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are usually very raw and sore. Just a few seconds after applying your lip balm, they feel much better. I have had no cracking since using your product. Thank you again! Whenever I know someone on Accutane, I will be sure to recommend your lip balm!..

Alison 11/30/2013

First, I'd like to tell you that I had a problem for YEARS that whenever the seasons would change from winter to spring, or summer to fall, my lips became severely chapped, cracked, bled, peeled, etc. I tried what seemed like every product on the market with no avail. About a year ago, a dermatologist recommended your product, I tried it.... within a week my lips were completely healed and have been problem free ever since. Unbelievable!!!!! Thank You!..

V.M. 11/30/2013

While working at a hospital approximately 1 1/2 years ago, I received a package of free samples of your product. I kept a few and gave the rest out to others. Since I have had chronic chapped lips most of my adult life, I tucked a few of these tubes away and decided to use up the "stuff" I currently had at home. No matter what product I've used in the past (day and night), my lips continued to be chapped and I just attributed it to lipstick dryness, etc. and figured it would continue throughout my life. Being totally fed up with this chapped nuisance, I pulled out the tube of your lip balm a few weeks ago and tried to be very consistent with its application day and night. I wish I had believed in it sooner as it really has controlled my chapping to where I use it as a base coat under my lipstick! I'm a strawberry blonde, green eyes and fair skinned so I know what kind of damage the sun can do to my skin. I see my dermatologist several times per year but have never brought up my lip condition. On my next visit I will definitely let him know about your product, if he hasn't already heard about it! Thank you so much! ..

N.M. 11/30/2013

Your lipbalm is the 1st product that has 100% worked and keeps on working - it is amazing! Before, I would apply Chapstick or Vaseline honestly like 20+ times a day and after just a few days of using your lipbalm I maybe apply Vaseline now once a day just for moisture. I also only have to use your lipbalm about 2 times a day - it blows my mind considering how I used to be. I was not able to wear lip glosses before because they would irritate my lips and now I can even use those when I want to - it is so nice. Thank you! Please feel free to use my review on your site or as you wish and I will make sure to recommend your product to my dermatologist and friends...

Cortibalm User 11/30/2013

My son started Accutane and was having problems with his lips. At 14, kids are very self conscience of their appearance and to have to deal with acne is bad enough, but taking Accutane and having to deal with the dry skin and cracked lips makes it so much worse. I discovered CortiBalm while searching the different forums on Accutane. I ordered a tube for my son to try and it is fabulous!!! I just ordered 2 more tubes! He only has to use it about twice per day where he was using the Vaseline Lip Therapy constantly during the day. We are thrilled that we have discovered a product that actually works! I would encourage ANYONE who has severe chapped lips or Accutane users to order this product. You will not be disappointed, I promise...

Cathy McKoy 11/30/2013

Dr. Dan! Bless you! Your product is an absolute MIRACLE! That is absolutely all there is to say about it!! June of last year I got a HORRIBLE sun burn, after that my lips never seemed to heal! No telling how much money I have spent on lip products over the last year, my lips themselves would get really red and oozy, and the skin around my lips was constantly dry and irritated, and the corners of my lips constantly split and bled. It was absolutely horrible, I would find myself literally staying at home crying b/c I did not want anyone to see my lips. Some products made the condition 10x worse while others just seemed to make my lips look almost ok, but the second that the lip balm wore off my lips felt immediately dried out and on the verge of spliting at any second. I even went to 2 different doctors, and all I was given was some cream for a yeast infection, and an antibacterial cream. Then one evening my mother and I were searching on the web for products and came across the testimonials for your product, and immediately sent away for a free sample. I have been using the product for less than a week and OH MY GOD! Amazing! My lips within 2 days were smooth, all redness was gone, day 6, my lips are AMAZING! I use to feel like I had to wear lip balm 24/7 and with your product I only need to put it on twice a day! So thank you thank you thank you. I just want to shout it from the rooftops about how amazing your product is. Thank you so so so much!..

Jenna Tow 11/30/2013

I had to write to you to say thank you! I have dealt with sore, dry, chapped lips for over 10 years. I have tried everything, literally! Chapstick, medicated Chapstick, Blistex, Aquaphor, Vaseline, even medication given to me from my dermatologist and nothing worked long term. Anyone who has this problem knows how painful sore lips can be - sometimes I would not eat just due to the fact that I knew my lips would be so sore during and after. It was ridiculous...

Cortibalm User 11/30/2013

I just want to tell you thank you for making such an amazing product. For a couple years I had some sort of an allergic reaction to lipsticks and then I developed a severe heat rash on my lips. Not sure if wearing lipstick in the sun caused it or what it was just horrible. My lips cracked and bled, corners of my lips did too. I had this blistery rash all over my lips and the upper part of my lip too. Tried vasleine, every product you could think of that you could by at your local drugstore, nothing would help ! some products made it worse too. I would put hydrocortisone cream on my lips but the prodcut would never stay on so I gave up. Finally I came across a page that advertised your lip balm. I ordered some, gave it a try and love it love it !! its the only product that has worked and really saved me from alot of agony. When I start to feel a flare up on my lips (rash/chapped) I use your product, the problem immediately starts to feel better and then by the next morning my symptons are gone. I will recommened your product to others too. Thank You Again...

Stacey 11/30/2013

This lipbalm is just magical. I've been on Accutane for the past 6 months and i absolutely can't imagine getting through it without cortibalm. I literally tried every single product at my local CVS's and nothing seemed to help. My lips were still chopped, red, and itchy. I just didn't know what to do and decided to actually research products for such severe cases as when using Accutane. I was on one of the Accutane forums and a few people suggested trying out cortibalm. I ordered it at my CVS and when i got it i was seriously the happiest person. It pretty much instantaneously took away itchiness, redness was gone pretty soon too, and within 2-3 days my lips didn't even look much different from normal. I've been using it ever since and my lips haven't been bothering me at all. Thank you so much Dr. Dan...

Jen 11/30/2013

My son is also on Accutane and his lips were looking really bad. He plays the trumpet and started complaining about his lips hurting when he plays. We have not even ordered CortiBalm yet, but he tried a sample the doctor gave him today. It has already made a huge difference. He is thrilled!!!! Thank you so much. We have 5 more months of the accutane and I don't think we would make it without CortiBalm...

Karen K 11/30/2013

I have always struggled with chapped lips and now that I am on Accutane, it is unbearable. Your lipbalm is the BEST thing I have found. I cannot help but recommend it to everyone!! Thank you SO much for an AMAZING product...

Steph 11/30/2013

With the weather changing and the cold, my lips got worse than ever before, they were chapped, then went to where they were burning, and peeling, it was bad. My friend recommended your product due to her son's dermatologist referring it to them. I started using it in the a.m., and found such relief and noticed a huge change by that night, used it before bed, when I woke up you would not have known my lips were bad at all. This product is GREAT! I am going to recommend it to my dad who spends a lot of money to help his chapped lips and anyone else I know who needs it. THANKS!..

Toni 11/30/2013

I was prescribed Dr. Dan's Cortibalm for scarred lips that had become irritated, and the skin was hardening so much that a change in temperature was very painful. Afer three days my lips smoothed out, became more pink than blue and much less painful. Thank you...

Diane Serio 11/30/2013

This product saved me! I literally tried every product at the drugstore and applied each one generously. They helped somewhat, but my lips were still uncomfortable and burning. My dermatologist told me to try Cortibalm. After applying it, within seconds my lips were nearly perfect. All burning and dryness went away. Now I'm on my second day, and they are almost back to normal. I couldn't imagine continuing my Accutane treatment without Cortibalm...

G G 11/30/2013

I just got some of this stuff from my dermatologist a few weeks ago. I am on Amnesteem for the second time, but this was the first time I'd heard about Dr. Dan's CortiBalm. I had gone to the drugstore and stocked up on every lip balm for severely chapped lips I could find. My lips would burn to the touch from just being outside in the wind while on my medication. This surely is a miracle healer! It seriously soothes the moment I use it. I let some of my friends try it and they immediately noticed a difference. Even when my Amnesteem treatment is over with, I will still use Dr. Dan's formula; there is no better lip balm out there. Love it!..

Melissa 11/30/2013

I work outside in all kinds of weather. This winter wind and temperature does terrible things to my lips. To make it worse I am now taking Accutane. My lips have never been so dry and chapped before. I have tried EVERY form of Chapstick, Blistex, and every other over the counter lip balm I could find and NOTHING comes close to Dr Dan's CortiBalm. I've only been using it for a few days and I can not believe how GREAT my lips feel! My lips are back to normal thanks to Dr Dan's...

Shelly 11/30/2013

Also an Accutane user. I have never liked to put anything on my lips, not even lipstick. Taking Accutane made it a necessity to use something on my lips and the dermatologist recommended Cortibalm and gave me some samples. I love the way it feels on my lips and it last longer than anything else. However, I do not like it in chapstick form. The samples felt so smooth and slick and the chapstick is more like regular chapstick, sticky and doesn't last as long and is not as soothing. Still it is a great product with great results. Thanks!!..

Shannon Jenkins 11/30/2013

I had the worst case of chapped lips IN HISTORY. They dried and cracked and had even shown spots of bleeding. I put everything under the sun on them to moisturize them and NOTHING worked. At my wits end, I walked into a tiny pharmacy (NOT one of the big chain pharmacies where they are SO "impersonal"). This pharmacist showed me Dr. Dan's Corti Balm. OMG !!! within a few days, my lips were HEALED and kissably soft again. I can tell anyone if your lips are dry, perhaps too much sun and wind.... Dr. Dan's WILL heal them-hands down - no question asked.... I just wish I had a case of it to keep on hand. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU..

Bobi Grimes 11/30/2013

Honestly, this is the ONLY lip balm that helps my daughter with her chapped lips. We were introduced to it when our son was on Accutane. It was a miracle for him, so our daughter tried it for her chapped lips due to eczema. it worked like a charm! We always have a supply of tubes at our house!..

Sheila 11/30/2013

For quite some time I have been suffering from dreadful, constant peeling of my lips. I have a drawer full of lip balms that didn't help. Recently went on line and read about Dr. Dan's, and purchased it on line. Immediately my lips are no longer peeling, and once again look great! Dr. Dan, you have truly saved me from great suffering, which even medical help didn't give me. I will tell everyone I know about your wonderful lip balm, and now I will go on line to order more!..

Olga M Milligan 11/30/2013

I have been bothered with chapped and "peeling" lips for over 30 years! I could actually peel skin from my lips. My dermatologist gave me samples of CortiBalm a few months ago. It's amazing. My lips haven't been this smooth since I was a child. I've been using it at night before going to bed. I've never seen anything work like this. Thank you, Dr. Dan...

Donna King 11/30/2013

I have had psoriasis off and on through my life, but never before, until recently, have I had it on my lips. Horrible. It felt like my lips were on fire and they were all red and cracked and terribly painful. I just go Dr. Dan's lipbalm yesterday and already my lips are painfree and the cracks are healing. Very little redness left. In one day! I am SO relieved. Thanks so much for this amazing product!..

Ellen 11/30/2013