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Dr. Dan's Outdoors

Strong Enough for the Pros, Safe Enough for Their Families

Finally, a line of products created by a top physician that's perfect for people who love the outdoors!

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Hand & Body Lotion

Dr. Dan's Hand and Body Lotion is specially formulated to treat dry, chapped skin, cracked fingers, wind and sun burn, and more. It contains the healing power of 1% hydrocortisone and hypoallergenic ingredients for a scentless, long-lasting lotion that will make your skin feel better from the first application.


SunStick SPF30

Most SPF products contain chemicals that can cause irritation or allergic reaction because they are absorbed into the skin. Dr. Dan's SunStick SPF30 is chemical-free; instead, we use two natural minerals that act like tiny mirrors and reflect UV rays away from the skin. So roll it on, and get on with the fun!


Anti-Itch Stick

Stop suffering from the pain and irritation of scratches, bug bites, and stings. Dr. Dan's is the only anti-itch stick that bites back, combining the instant pain relief of phenol and menthol with the gentle healing power of hydrocortisone. There's no question, Dr. Dan's Anti-Itch stick belongs in every fisherman's tackle box!


Dr. Dan's CortiBalm - Tube
Based on 63 reviews.
Dr. Dan's SunBlock SPF30
Based on 6 reviews.
Dr. Dan's Advanced Anti-Itch Stick
Based on 8 reviews.