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Our entire line of Dr. Dan's products is always available online, and now you can find us in stores across the country! On your tablet or computer, use the store locator below to search for a retailer near you. No results? No worries, you can still order CortiBalm at ANY PHARMACY!  Search for locations under the category "Accepts Orders".  Simply print our Pharmacy Order Voucher and present it to your pharmacist; CortiBalm is carried by every major distributor, so don't be afraid to ask!

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How to Use the Store Locator

Step 1: Enter your address.
Step 2: Choose from "Ways to Buy". NOTE: only locations listed as "CortiBalm Retailer," "Outdoor Products," "Dermatologists," and "All Products" will have our products in-store. If you are unsure, please contact the location directly.
Step 3: Click or tap "Find Store"

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Dr. Dan's CortiBalm - Tube
Based on 63 reviews.
Dr. Dan's CortiBalm - Tube 3-pack
Based on 4 reviews.
Dr. Dan's CortiBalm - Jar
Based on 25 reviews.
Dr. Dan's CortiBalm - Jar 3-pack
Based on 1 reviews.