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Bodybuilding for wimps. Part 1. Natural bodybuilding and increase in rank – Musculist – men’s education

Bodybuilding for wimps. Part 1. Natural bodybuilding and increase in rank.

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“Strong training is not needed, the weak will not help”

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For the first time I crossed the threshold of the gym somewhere in the age of 16, when I looked like a prisoner of a concentration camp yesterday. Physical education teachers in the school gave me purely out of pity. Now I am 28, and about 9-10 years out of 12 past I have been persistently engaged in strength training. In the period of being a young sixteen-year-old schoolboy, I had no idea what ethology and rank theory was, but something told me that by becoming big and strong I would change the opinion of my peers (first!) And peers (second!) About me for the better. Like a wolf cub in the cartoon “Kapitoshka”: “So that everyone is afraid, and not mocked.” In addition, if I dig deeper, I wanted to not only change the opinions of others. I tried to achieve a change of opinion about myself, to become more confident, calm, cool. In the language of ethology, my goal was to increase my biological rank in a flock of sapiens.

But let’s first remind ourselves of the signs of high rank according to A. Protopopov:

High self-esteem, a tendency to low assess others;

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belief in its infallibility, no doubt;

decisive care for your comfort, health and safety;

optimism, confidence in the future;

boastfulness, complacency;

propensity to make decisions quickly, without much thought;

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the ability to act in spite of the opinions and problems of others, asocial;


high threshold of awareness of guilt;

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painful perception of criticism, difficulties with self-criticism;

decisiveness, enterprise, initiative, perseverance;

great professional, social and property ambitions;

organizational skills;

openness, shamelessness, extraversion;


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stubbornness, obsession, conflict initiative, egoism;

conflict resilience;

sexual resilience.

So, based on my personal experience, backed up by the experience of the surrounding comrades and books about human ethology, I declare with full responsibility: THE NATURAL BODYBUILDING IS VERY LITTLE IMPACT ON THE INCREASE OF RANK. I emphasize, I mean it is a NATURAL bodybuilding (without the use of hormonal drugs). About strength training with pharmaceutical support will be discussed in another article.

Explain why.

1) The social component of sports. Bodybuilding, as well as powerlifting or any other power sport foresees classes with inanimate testobolin objects. Weights, dumbbells, weights, simulators, etc. Roughly speaking, with the external environment. The rank is determined by the interaction primarily with the relatives, inside the pack. Due to the lack of interaction (read, conflict) with other people in the process of training, you shake muscles, but you don’t shake organizational skills, or the tendency to quick decision making, or conflict or stress tolerance. In a pack of sapiens, even a weak shaman could also enjoy the respect of his relatives and a rather high rank, because his authority was achieved by interacting with other individuals. In the rocking chair, you only influence yourself in the process of training. Your activity is absolutely on the side of other individuals from your society, and by and large, it even touches the rest of the people in the gym a little. Bodybuilding is a sport of singles. With the rest of the people, unless you can measure your achievements with the achievements and results of your workouts, we will discuss this in more detail in the following paragraphs.

2) Of course, they can argue with me – what about self-esteem? This is the first sign of high rank! The fact of the matter is that self-esteem will equally grow in you from success in ANY winstroldepot sport. Running, swimming, natural bodybuilding, pulling up on a bar or even chess – success in any of these sports will increase your self-esteem. In which sport there will be more success – there and self-esteem will be higher. I am sure that Usain Bolt is much more pleased with himself than the ordinary athlete who took fourth place in the area bodybuilding championship.

3) What about the appearance? Big muscles will always be respected! That’s right, but if you look at the truth, natural bodybuilding will not allow you to jump above your head in terms of muscles and strength indicators. How many do not pour high-quality fuel into the Zaporozhets, how many do not pump up the wheels or change spare parts, it will never turn into a Bentley. You can train long and hard, eat right, sleep well, do not skip training, but genetics will still not let the weakling become Schwarzenegger! I increased my weight from 57 kg in 18 years to 85 kg in 27 years with growth of 182 cm and what? I trained hard, ate well, slept 8 hours a day, re-read mountains of training methodology, reviewed hundreds of videos, ate centners of sports nutrition and a lot of cans of vitamins and other sports supplements. As a result, I just turned from a drych into a middle-class athlete, at the same time earning myself chronic injuries winstrol oral due to fanatical perseverance and disregard for timely treatment. Thus, doing natural bodybuilding or any other strength training you will improve your physical fitness relative to starting, lose weight in the presence of it, but not so much that passers-by turned their necks looking at you. This effect is not possible to achieve initially weak skit without serious pharmacological support. No To become really big and very strong you have to be born that way. Have a good starting performance before the training. Or significantly change the hormonal level of pharmacology. So do not expect.

In the book by L. Sapozhnikov, “The Ring from the Archimedes Club”, the main character, Alexander Zayats, a typical NRNP boy, receives an unusual ring – the Cybernetic Amplifier Qualities. With his help, he can become either very brave or very strong. But at the same time being a strong and brave ring does not allow. In the “brave” mode, the boy easily prevails in all social and verbal calls. Being in the “strong” mode, the boy scaredly runs away from the hooligan gangsters, but when they still catch up with him, he begins to cry: “Do not come!”. In response to the mocking: “And what will happen?” The boy demonstrates his magical power on the bar, which frightens the hooligans.

The specified episode from the book most accurately describes the real rank of a natural bodybuilder. If there is no “courage” initially, then strength training will pump strength, and on “courage” the effect will be minimal.

If you with the help of strength training just want to improve your strength indicators without fanaticism and high expectations, then natural bodybuilding will suit you. If you want to pump your rank in parallel, namely, “courage” by influencing physical indicators, it is better to take up martial arts. There is contact with a living adversary and interpersonal confrontation, both physically and mentally. To increase conflict tolerance, decisiveness and rank in general, boxing or wrestling will be much more effective than any barbell.

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Strength training with the help of hormonal drugs is a completely different story, which will be discussed in the next part.

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