Chapped, dry or cracking lips initially occur in children for essentially the same reasons as they do in adults. Dry air, cold weather, sunburn, eczema danabolds and dental procedures (think braces!) can all inflame and irritate the mouth’s delicate skin.

But, regardless of the initial cause, children with chapped lips often become susceptible to an even more painful condition known as “lip-picking dermatitis” or “lip-licking.”

Lip-licking begins when a child feels chapped lips becoming dry, itchy or painful. They react by licking and/or rubbing the affected area in an attempt to ease their discomfort. Though the moisture in saliva can momentarily reduce pain, it also contains digestive enzymes that begin to degrade the skin causing lips to chap, peel, or even split. The added friction clenbuterol dosage chart from rubbing only worsens the lip’s inflammation. The pattern is cyclical and compounding. The longer the lips are left untreated, the worse the condition becomes. Swelling and redness can spread to the skin that surrounds the lips and cause burning, bleeding, and a tremendous amount of pain.

Parents who are naturally anxious to sooth and contain the condition try to apply lip balms and ointments in an attempt to alleviate their child’s discomfort. Unfortunately, those balms often contain chemicals and additives that irritate, sting and continue to damage the already broken skin.

One of our favorite uses of Cortibalm is the relief it provides our youngest patients who suffer from lip licking! It’s hypo-allergenic formula contains zero irritants, and it’s mild steroid acts quickly to bring down that painful inflammation (and is safe for children two years and older!) It’s best to apply it as soon as children start to begin to pick, lick or scratch to keep little lips healthy and whole.

Dr. Viders

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