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Dermatologist created and safe for all ages, Dr. Dan’s products will fix your skin in no time. But don’t just take our word for it, check out all of Dr. Dan’s reviews!

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Can a Lip Balm Save Your Life?

About three and a half years ago, I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and just about died. The corners of my mouth were crusted over with something that looked a lot like fuzzy brown sugar. I washed my face and went to the office. Within hours, I had problems with my lips as well. When I smiled or laughed — which I am prone to do — vertical tears would split my lips top to bottom. And when I would yawn, the corners of my mouth would rip. This didn’t happen over time; it happened overnight.

I spent the next 18 months going to a local dermatologist here in the Tulsa area who not only has a great reputation, but also is someone whom I have known since childhood. By the time I decided I could never trust him again, he had misdiagnosed me, put me on 12 rounds of oral steroids in 18 months, given me more than 90 prescriptions totalling more than $2500 and passed me around like a petri dish. In the following year, two other dermatologists followed in his wake and wanted to do more of the same. At this time, I was out of pocket more than $3500 with no permanent results. All I wanted was a diagnostition, not a prescription writer. I was desperate.

Man or woman, I know everyone wants to look their best. I didn’t anymore. I wasn’t even presentable and makeup would just make it worse. Even strangers would ask me what was wrong with my mouth. Furthermore, it was painful. And, I was bloated and round-faced from the constant barrage of steroids. I went from being a beautiful, confident advertising executive to a shut-in who wouldn’t look in the mirror. I had lost my smile.

One year ago, my dad asked me to see his dermatologist, Bernard Robinowitz, MD here in Tulsa. As I was no longer working, he said he would pick up the tab if I would just screw up the courage and go outside. So, I went. And Dr. Robinowitz did something that changed my life. He gave me samples of Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm and told me to use them as needed. That was a Monday. By Thursday, I knew something big was happening: the vertical fissures were almost healed and the corners of my mouth had quit splitting when I yawned. And by Saturday, everything that had dogged my life for so long was just gone. My mouth was whole again. To think that I wasted over $3500 out of pocket and was saved by a $3 tube of Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm. I have been symptom-free for 12 months now thanks to this incredible lip balm.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I credit this “magic, healing stick” with saving me. My family knows it. My friends know it. Any stranger who happens to bump into me learns about it. I keep Dr. Dan’s in each handbag, in my car, by my bed and spares in my bathroom at all times — without fail. If you want your life and sense of self back, try it. It doesn’t cost anymore than any of the dozens of other products that I know you have already wasted your time and money on. Just try it once, and like me, you will get your smile back too.

Best wishes,
Jennifer H.
Tulsa, OK


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Anabolic steroids are probably the most commonly known drug that aids performance and these are widely banned in most countries around the world and certainly in all major sports.

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