SunStick SPF30 – 2-Pack
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All sunscreens contain ingredients to block the sun’s UV rays. Most sunblocks contain either Oxybenzone or some sort of Octisalates. It is well known that these chemicals may cause allergic reactions, (Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis, Fouth Edition chapter 23), and make your skin much worse.

Dr. Dan’s SunStick SPF30 has no such chemicals; instead we use two natural, inert minerals called Titanium dioxide and Zinc Dioxide.  These minerals act like tiny mirrors and reflect the UV rays back away from you lips. These tiny protectors are slightly white, which is why Dr. Dan says “if your skin is a little white, it will be alright!”  In addition, our natural yellow wax and chemical-free base with the antioxidant Vitamin E combine to create the perfect moisturizing combination.

It took us years to perfect this formula and we are so sure that it will protect your skin from the harshest rays that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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